Laura was born in Edmonton, but was raised in the small town of Brule, near Hinton, by a father of Cherokee, Irish and English background and a mother of mixed Cree, Iroquois and French ethnicity. Laura is a popular award winning singer-song-writer and is well known in the Indigenous communities and the music industry. Laura is also trained as an art and drama major, and she has a bachelor degree in education. Laura is not only an artist, she has a heart for artists! That comes from her own experiences as a performer, and also from her love for her sister Noreen who was disabled as a child and recently passed away. Despite Noreen’s challenges, she passionately shared her artwork with others. Laura also wants this opportunity to tell people positive stories about Indigenous people and their lives. There’s no sugar coating here, that’s not Laura’s style. She lets people tell their story, and when she can she gives them a helping hand.