As a performer who has a special love of art of all kinds, Laura will talk with these, creative people, as she learns about the spark that lit their imaginations and ignited the creative fire within them. That includes family, and friends, elders, art teachers, counselors, mentors, and their influencers from the art world. And of course, your eyes and ears will be treated to a myriad of glorious sights and sounds!

One of the factors in Laura’s journey and connectedness with her new friends is that she is gradually becoming more disabled. Laura says, "The Series has caused me to ask myself, what would life be like without my hearing? That question suddenly made me realize how much I have in common with the artists in this series. I believe we, the artists, can help the audience to understand how important art is in experiencing life, and how healing creativity is for everyone."

Another layer in the fabric of this series that excites Laura, is how much music, her art form, is a vital part of her life. "I can’t imagine life without music or art. The creative process is extremely fulfilling and is more of a necessity than a pleasure. The people in this series are close to my heart because they are exploring their passion and love for creative expression and so I want to do everything I can to encourage them to pursue that calling with all their might!"

The Awakeners is a unique and powerful television series. It brings together the perspectives of both Indigenous and disabled people that share a common experience, having been in many ways, mistreated, misunderstood, and marginalized.

In Laura’s words, "I understand now how the desire to communicate our deepest thoughts, love, and passions, is a spirit born expression that reaches beyond our material bodies, minds or circumstances. Art is a pure and unique means of communication that transcends prejudice, judgements and history. It truly has the power to transform the perspective of Indigenous and disabled viewers and everyone else in our country!"